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be away from造句

The doctor told him to stay away from fat food. 有这个短语 be away from vt. 离开(从离去,,在远处远离) 网络释义 be away from:远离|远离,离开|离开 be f


stay away from me_双语例句

全部 JENNY : Forrest , you stay away from me , OK ? You just stay away from me , please . 珍妮 : 弗勒 斯, 你离我远点儿 好吗? 离我远点儿, 求你.



stay away from school 旷课 stay down 蹲下,卧倒,停留在下面 stay behind 别人离 开后仍留在原地,留下来 stay in 呆在家里,放学后留在学校 stay in after school 放学后


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